About Us

Vox Vitae's mission is to educate, empower, and spiritually nurture people to actively be a voice for life.


Vox Vitae, Be A Voice For Life Camp

Rejoicing in our Catholic Faith, Vox Vitae Camp educates, inspires, and spiritually nurtures teens and adults. Our campers learn that each of them can be a Voice for Life and defend the right to life from conception to natural death, while also being able to make sound choices in their own lives.

Vox Vitae Missionaries

Our missionaries are young people united in their desire to live out their faith by being a Voice for Life. They work with teens, adults, and families throughout the year, fostering the ideals of our Catholic faith instilled at Vox Vitae Camp. Through presentations, advanced trainings, and the opportunity to join in their outreach events, the Missionaries help each person be an effective and compelling Voice for Life. 


Churches, Pro-Life organizations, and individuals are invited to send in their pro-life event information from LA Archdiocese and Orange Diocese. Uniting the efforts for Life, through increased awareness of life affirming events in our communities, is an essential component in raising up a Culture of Life. 



Catherine Contreras

Catherine has been the Respect Life Coordinator at St. Therese Church in Alhambra since 2013 and is known for her passion and enthusiasm for all issues pro-life. She is the Founder of the former pro-life ministry, Foot Soldiers for Life, and the Founder and President of Vox Vitae.
If you would like to contact Catherine, send an email to catherine@voxvitae.org or call (213) 395-8977.

Upcoming Event

Starting July 30, 2017, Vox Vitae Sleepaway Camp in Silverado