What people are saying about Vox Vitae Camp

Let's work together to prepare a whole new generation of youth who will be pro-life. This is why Vox Vitae Pro-Life Camp is so important. I encourage you to send your youth to participate. We need our youth to love life and to know how to be a voice for life.
- Bishop David G. O'Connell, Auxiliary Bishop, San Gabriel Valley Region

Patricia loved the camp. On the last day, she said she had never prayed so much in one day. I could feel the graces flowing every time I came to pick her up. Thank you.
- Teresa

God bless you and your work, Vox Vitae.
- Cardinal Raymond Burke

I have been involved in many efforts of Catholic evangelism over the years. VOX VITAE is one of the best movements I have seen or been part of. This is a one week training camp that while placing a strong emphasis on developing Pro-Life Warriors, does a lot more. It goes to the root of training young people to be the Catholic voice for the culture of life as a whole. It trains them in communication skills, a basic understanding of what is is to be Catholic and how to defend the faith, a deeper realization of their own dignity and worth as well as the dignity of every human being, and much more! The VOX VITAE camp experience includes daily mass, daily rosary, daily opportunity for confession and daily hour of adoration. The root of this camp is a solid and powerful encounter with Jesus on every level!


If you and I want to be part of the solution in this world, and train the next generation to be prepared for the fight for their souls and the souls of others, then this is the type of experience that can help! I am honored to be part of it.
- Doug Barry

Pam [Stenzel] spoke this evening to the adults at St. Therese. What a fantastic, passionate, informative talk presented with appropriate humor that kept your attention. I don't think the young people will forget this information.
- Theresa

It was such a blessing for myself & family to experience such amazing speakers! Thank you for all you do!
- Rosalina

My name is Catherine, and I participated in the Vox Vitae Camp. I just wanted to thank you so very much for putting all your time in coordinating that camp. It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Before I came to the camp I thought I knew about being pro-life but at the camp, once we started getting into the depth of it all, I realized how uninformed I had been and how I wasn't ready to defend those unborn babies. All the wonderful speakers taught me that being pro-life is more than just saying "Unborn babies have rights too." [I]t’s actually looking at the person you're debating and finding common ground with them then telling them everything with a loving and caring heart; taking all things in consideration and showing them that there is another option. It made me become on fire for defending unborn babies. It made me want to get involved, helping the confirmation programs get more involved with the pro-life movement. I started praying more (randomly throughout the day) for the babies who are in danger of being aborted. My friends and I want to start groups going to Planned Parenthood and praying there...Before I came to the camp I thought that it was going to be the same; just like the others. However, it wasn't. There is so much learning involved with being pro-life. There was so much I didn't know. It was, in the beginning, a bit traumatizing, but I needed to know those things. I need to know that the world isn't "okay," the world needs prayers and [it’s] up to me to inform people who don't know about this, like how I didn't before, and tell them everything so in that way we can help each other. We really are the new generation in being a voice for life. So thank you so much for giving us all that amazing opportunity.
               The whole Vox Vitae Camp experience was amazing! All the staff members were so energetic. You could really see that they loved and cared for us. The food was delicious; I loved it all! The speakers were inspiring and didn't hold back on anything, which showed me that they loved us so much that they wanted to fully instruct us, by not holding back on anything. I loved Timmerie Millington, [Camp emcee,] she spoke to us all like a loving sister. The priests were wonderful, so fatherly and loving.The whole feel of Vox Vitae Camp felt like a family.
               The time for prayer was so refreshing! I felt like I could speak to God as if I was speaking to a best friend. As the days went by I felt my relationship with God become closer. Mass was always beautiful and the angelic choir truly contributed to the sacredness of the Mass.
                My relationship with my friends grew and blossomed into something deeper than just going to each others houses and hanging out or texting without any depth to the conversation. When we were at Vox Vitae we grew together spiritually. We all saw the reality of what was going on in life and now we discuss these things knowing that we are all in it together, whether it meant helping the pro-life movement in a physical or spiritual sense. I love how we all learned this together, so the next time we encounter someone who needs help we have each others’ backs. Trusting that if one person doesn't know the answer the other does, and we can help each other throughout it all.
              Thank you so much again!! I will never forget the Vox Vitae experience I had with everyone! It was amazing! I tell everyone about Vox Vitae and always assure them that next year they can come and grow not only in what it meant to be pro-life but also grow in their faith and closen their relationship with God. Thank you so much! I will keep you in my prayers!
With love and Blessings,

Great team work. Keep up the good and Holy works. St. Stephen [Church] kids had a great time and learned many new ways to live out their faith life.
- Maria Alejandra

Thank you Catherine and all Vox Vitae dedicated volunteers. You have brought the light of life to St. Therese Parish and beyond.
- Debbie