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By Fr. Peter Vecellio, O.C.D.


Lent is upon us and with that comes the next 40 Days for Life campaign. Lent, as many of us know, is a time to deepen our conversion and relationship with the Lord through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Although 40 Days for Life is not specifically Catholic, it understands the power of this season and the effectiveness of deepening our pro-life commitment during this 40-day period. I write to you from Nairobi, Kenya, where, as we speak, a 40 Days For Life campaign is taking place. It’s important that all of us whole-heartedly apply ourselves during this season of Lent, with our special intention being the cause of life.

Whether we’re Catholic or not, all of us can utilize the three practices of Lent for the cause of life. First, let us concentrate our prayer for the end of abortion, the saving of babies, and the helping of women. Let us sign up for at least one weekly hour at the abortion mill in this 40 Days campaign, remembering that our first responsibility is intercessory prayer. Second, are we fasting for these women and babies? Prayer accompanied by fasting is, as we know, even more powerful. Finally, are we giving generously to support life organizations? Many of these organizations have few resources and rely almost entirely on our donations. If all of us truly apply these three practices to the cause of life, I can guarantee that we will make a difference and have an impact.