By Fr. Peter Vecellio, O.C.D.


As I mentioned in last week’s post, some of the most aggressive forces in Africa right now are foreign NGOs pushing their population control agenda. And the biggest motive driving the population control movement is fear. Fear that we will have too many people on earth. Fear that we won’t have enough natural resources for these people. Fear that we won’t be able to feed them, educate them, and give them gainful employment. Now, I’m not here to debunk the population control arguments. This has already been done quite well by many authors, including Jacqueline Kasun in her book, The War Against Population. But I do want to emphasize how large a role fear plays in this movement and in the entire culture of death.

In more wealthy countries like the U.S. and Western Europe, this ever-present fear takes a different form than in poorer countries like Uganda. In rich countries, people fear unplanned pregnancies because they might have to compromise their high standard of living or their personal goals and ambitions. In Uganda here, the fear is more influenced by desperation. Will I be able to feed this child? Can I take care of them and pay for their school fees? These kinds of fear-laced questions drive many young women in Uganda and other African countries to have illegal abortions or to simply abandon their children at birth. 

But, as Christians and pro-lifers, we know that fear is opposed to real love. Scripture tells us that: “perfect love casts out all fear” (1 John 4:18). So the culture of life must be the culture of love. We must conquer fear with love. And we must do everything in our power to dispel the irrational fears that keep people from respecting life and their own bodies.