By Fr. Peter Vecellio, O.C.D.

This past week, I was privileged to hear a talk by the president of Human Life International on life-related issues here in Africa. He spoke to the entire student body of seminarians here in Jinja on the need for Africans to resist the anti-life forces that are quickly making inroads in various African cultures. He made an interesting comparison between the colonialism that swept over Africa 150 years ago and a new “colonialism” being imposed by foreign pharmaceutical companies through birth control. Now, instead of foreign powers dominating African peoples politically, they are doing it morally and reproductively.

The main goal of these powers is population control. This ultimately means that they want to limit how many Africans come into the world, which in my mind, is more dominating than any political rule. Knowing the intentions of people like Margaret Sanger toward people of color, this kind of control has a frightening element of genocide to it.

One of the big problems with Africans resisting these forces is the corruption present in many of their governments. These anti-life organizations collectively have billions of dollars at their disposal and are more than willing to offer aid or incentives to local governments with “strings attached.” This is why talks like this one to seminarians are so important because the Church must be the one force and voice in Africa that stands against these foreign powers, especially if their governments do not. 

Bishops, priests and future priests here in Africa must be informed on life issues and be able to articulate the Church’s teaching clearly and strongly to the faithful so that they are not lulled into compromising their identity as Catholics. Much is at stake here in Africa and it would not be an overstatement to say that the fate of the world rests with the fate of Africa.