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By Fr. Peter Vecellio, O.C.D.

As I set off for my next adventure to our Carmelite mission in Uganda, Africa, I am reminded of what originally set me on this amazing journey with God. After a Steubenville Summer Conference and a re-version back to my faith in college, it was my going to the abortion mills in college that really opened my eyes to the presence of God and evil in the world. The battle between life and death and the forces of good and evil became so apparent to me that there was no turning back. I knew that God was shaking me up and waking me up.

God never ceases to shake and wake us. No matter how long we’ve followed Him, He’s always waking us out of our comfortable slumber. These are great reminders that this life is not our home and we must never become comfortable here.  As the Blues Brothers said, “We’re on a mission from God.” Whether we’re called to the missions of Africa or the mission of the abortion mills right in our own neighborhoods, we must be continually en route and available for whatever God has planned for us. Our Father knows best what He wants us to do and become. We must trust Him. 

As the great Brazilian Archbishop, Dom Hélder Câmara, once said: “Say yes to the surprises which interrupt your plans and crush your dreams, giving your day–perhaps your life–a completely new direction.” We must constantly say “yes” to whatever God asks of us. It is not a one-time response, but will happen throughout our lives. Then He will use us in ways that we never dreamed possible. God is so much bigger than the plans we have for our life. We only need to give Him our life. He will take care of the rest. Then, be ready to be blown away!