Vox Vitae Pro-Life Summer Camp 2018

Vox Vitae Camp fosters a deeper faith and spiritual life in the campers and equips them to be courageous and active voices for life. Together, the campers explore the scourges of abortion and euthanasia, the value of chastity, the harms of homosexual activity and transgenderism, and the importance of political awareness and involvement. The campers practice dialoguing and defending their faith and pro-life views against those who disagree. 

Evening talks by nationally-known Catholic speakers are open to adults every evening.

The week-long day camp is open to youth ages 14-19. Camp 2018 is a day camp only and does not provide overnight accomodations. Campers from out of town must bring a chaperone and may stay at a nearby hotel at their own expense. Chaperones receive free admission to the evening talks for adults. 

Kick Off is July 8 and day camp is July 9-13.




2018 Speakers Include:

Bishop David O'Connell,
Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles

Timmerie Millington,
Speaker and Radio Host

Doug Barry, EWTN and Battle Ready

Patrick Coffin,
Patrick Coffin Media 

Leila Miller,
Author and Speaker

Pam Stenzel, Enlighten Communications

Astrid Bennett Gutierrez, EWTN and The Vida Initiative

Dr. Gerard M Nadal, 
Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

Upcoming Event

Starting July 30, 2017, Vox Vitae Sleepaway Camp in Silverado

Some of the topics that we cover:

Abortion, Citizenship, Chastity, Contraception, Our Catholic Faith


Bishop David O’Connell

Let's work together to prepare a whole new generation of youth who will be ProLife. This is why Vox Vitae ProLife Camp is so important. I encourage you to send your youth to participate. We need our youth to love life and to know how to be a voice for life. 
Bishop David G. O'Connell, Auxiliary Bishop, San Gabriel Valley Region