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Battle for Life Summit

Vox Vitae's Summit is designed to inform, equip, and inspire adults and parents to be courageous, active voices for the dignity of life in today's anti-Christian world.

Saturday, July 8, 2023

Noon - 5pm

Pasadena, California


Noon - 5PM

Pro Life Apologetics

Mary-Logan Miske, Students for Life


The California Battle for the Dignity of Life

Greg Burt, California Family Council

The National Crisis & What You Can Do 

Nathan Duell, Heritage Action


YOU In the Battle for Life

Mauricio Leone, Live Action


Confronting Feminism 

Timmerie Geagea, Relevant Radio


Q&A Panel


Adults $40, Teens $25

Snacks are included.

You are welcome to bring a sack lunch. 


St. Andrew's Auditorium,

42 Chestnut Street, Pasadena, CA 91103


Timmerie Geagea
Trending with Timmerie, Relevant Radio

Mauricio Leon Live Action.jpeg

Mauricio Leone,

Live Action

Mary Logan  Miske _  Students for Life.jpg
Nathan Duell Heritage Action.jpg

Nathan Duell,

Heritage Action

Greg Burt California Family Council.jpg

Greg Burt,

California Family Council

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