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June 19-25, 2022 | Wrightwood, CA

Vox Vitae Catholic Pro-Life Camp fosters a deep love and understanding of the Catholic faith and equips teens ages 14-19 to be courageous and active voices for life. Together, the campers explore the truth of Catholicism, the destruction wrought by abortion and euthanasia, the beauty of chastity and holiness, the harms of homosexual activity and transgenderism, and the importance of civic awareness and involvement. The campers practice dialoguing and defending their faith and pro-life views against those who disagree.


Over the course of five days, nationally renowned speakers and educators cover the themes Catholicism, Pro-Life 101, Your Life Matters, Your Voice Matters, and Action!  Mass, the Rosary, adoration, and an opportunity for confession are included in every day’s schedule. The teens form close friendships as they grow together in faith, knowledge, and courage.


A Typical Day’s Schedule:

  9:00 AM | Camper drop-off 
10:00 AM | Morning prayer
10:15 AM | Speakers, games, and

                         small group activities 
  1:00 PM | Lunch
  2:00 PM | Speakers, games, and

                        small group activities
  5:00 PM | Mass
  6:00 PM | Dinner
  7:00 PM | Camper pick-up

Vox Vitae Catholic Pro-Life Camp
2022 Camp Details:

  • This is a sleep away camp.

  • Campers are ages 14 to 19.

  • Camper check-in is between 1:30pm and 3pm on June 19 and pick up is at noon on June 25.

  • Families are welcome to come for the day on Sunday, June 19. Tim Staples, Paul J. Kim, and Timmerie Geagea will speak on Sunday. Admission is $20 per adult - children and teens are free. Schedule, details, and registration are here. Families are also welcome to attend our closing Mass at 11am on Saturday, June 25.

  • Most camp activities will take place at Camp Lolek in Wrightwood, CA except for a trip to an abortion facility and to do other outreach on Friday, June 24.

  • Camp fee is $350 per camper, with an early bird discount of $300 through April 24. Scholarships are available. Discount of $25 per camper for families.

2022 Speakers Include:


Pam Stenzel

Enlighten Communications


Jim O'Day

Integrity Restored


John Gerardi

Right to Life of Central California

PJK photo.jpg

Paul J. Kim

A Catholic Guide to Adulting


Stacy Trasancos, Ph.D.

Children of God for Life

Kenny Lund.jpg

Kenny Lund

Camp Lolek


Timmerie Geagea

Trending with Timmerie, Relevant Radio


Karlo Broussard

Catholic Answers

Catherine headshot.JPG

Tim Staples

Catholic Answers

Astrid headshot.JPG

Astrid Bennett Gutierrez

EWTN, VIDA Initiative,

Los Angeles Pregnancy Services


Dcn. Steve Greco

Spirit Filled Hearts

View an overview of the 2022 Sunday Family Day schedule here.

View an overview of the week-long 2022 teen camp schedule here.​​​

Camp 2019

2019 speakers included: Bishop David O'Connell, Karlo Broussard, and Michael Knowles

Camp 2018
Vox Vitae Catholic Pro-Life Camp 2018

2018 Speakers included: Patrick Coffin, Dr. Gerard M. Nadal, and Terry Beatley

Camps 2017
Vox Vitae Catholic Pro-Life Camp 2017
Vox Vitae Catholic Pro-Life Camp 2017

2017 Speakers included: Bishop David O'Connell, Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, Terry Barber, and Fr. Stephen Imbarrato

Camp 2016
Vox Vitae Catholic Pro-Life Camp 2016

2016 Speakers included: Tim Staples, Ramona Trevino, Jesse Romero, and the Culture Project

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